Explore playful and meaningful learning through the arts


By Elaine Sorrentino
As a teacher and a parent, I know how important it is for your child’s well being to choose an appropriate preschool or kindergarten setting. Many factors go into choosing the right school; such as teaching style, location, affordability or peers. Some parents choose a preschool to meet a specific need in their child, such as overcoming shyness or feeding their affinity for the arts. Perhaps they recognize that their child needs nurturing, and have very explicit goals in mind when choosing this first “school” experience. Whatever the reason, it’s an individual and personal choice.

While no two preschools are alike, some have similar philosophies. Years ago when I was searching for the perfect preschool experience for my son, the most important component to me was that he needed to have fun while learning. I wanted it to be arts-based, playful and meaningful. I wanted his first experience to be so amazing that it would make my child a lifelong lover of learning, and it did. This “playful” attitude toward learning continued throughout his education, igniting his natural curiosity and creativity, and helping him find a satisfying career as an interactive website and software designer. Score!

We asked some of our South Shore Conservatory Preschool, Pre-K and Kindergarten parents to share their experience with our art-based programs which emphasis play. Here are two of the answers we received:

“The nurturing atmosphere is exactly what I wanted for my kids. I also love how the children learn to be independent– I had no idea my kids could clean up so well until I saw them do it at school! The teachers manage the classroom in a way that it never feels chaotic or controlling, just peaceful and fun. The music is such a plus to the education here. Without even knowing they are doing anything but playing, students are given a foundation in music,” said one mother whose children attended both preschool and kindergarten,

Another parent shared, “I am thrilled that my son was able to participate in the Conservatory’s kindergarten program. He was very well-prepared academically and socially for the subsequent challenges of the public school system. At the same time, he gained an appreciation for creativity and individual thought that would not have been possible in another setting. The arts-based curriculum exposed him to music, movement and visual arts in such a way that it laid the foundation for his creative and multifaceted worldview. He has carried this with him and I will hope it continues.”

To learn more about SSC’s arts-integrated Preschool, PreK and Kindergarten programs, please join us at our Tuesday, November 10 open house from 6-7:30 pm. For parents interested in enrolling their child for the 2016/17 school year are invited to meet the teachers and arts specialists that make this type of learning so effective and meaningful. For more information, visit http://www.sscmusic.org or call 781.749.7565, ext. 36.

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