Why the Arts Matter to Our SSC Family


Certain schoolwide activities inspire participation from the entire South Shore Conservatory (SSC) family; from students of all ages, and parents, to faculty members and administrators. Arts Matter Day is one of those fun events.

Created as a day to show our legislators the importance of the arts to all populations, MASSCreative launched Arts Matter Day in 2014. The show of support from arts organizations throughout the state was astounding, with each organization revealing its uniqueness through posting videos and photos on social media throughout the day. It was so popular that MASSCreative repeated the awareness-building activity again this year on October 23. Our SSC community wholly embraced the chance to express themselves.

SSC’s youngest group, our Music Together® students, posed with their classes as their moms explained why the arts matter to them. These moms wrote moving reasons such as, “it brings people together,” “it reaches people with diverse learning styles,” “it makes dinner time easier,” “I see the joy in my children,” “music makes us happy,” and, my personal favorite from a mother with a sleeping child, “they help me put her to sleep.”

Our kindergarten students, proudly displaying their beautiful and unique sunflower artwork, said that the arts matter to them because they “get to use their imaginations,” while our Primo Voice class singers, ages 7-9, shared that “singing is exciting!”

At our Duxbury campus, our dancers expressed their love for both the arts and their teacher. Their signs said the arts matter because, “we love to dance” and “I like learning ballet and it’s FUN and Miss Susie is really nice and makes the class more fun!” Needless to say, when Miss Susie (Guthro) saw the sign, she was moved to take a picture and share it on her personal Facebook page.

SSC preteens and teenagers were eager to share their feelings about the arts as well. The honors brass ensemble, posing with their coach Rob Reustle, wrote that “it helps us make friends.” Pharrell Williams fans will relate to the percussion ensemble’s statement that the arts matter to them because “it makes us feel like a room without a roof.” Gita Brown’s clarinet students shared that the arts matter to them because “they let my personality shine through,” and “I love playing with friends.”

For groups, such as Su D’Ambrosio’s young Drum & Sing students and Eve Montague’s developmentally delayed adult students who sing with our SSC Community Voices chorus, we asked them how music made them feel. We received joyful responses, such as “Good!,” “Happy and Great,” “I like to sing,” and music makes me feel “like dancing!”

One adult student shared that “it allows me to commune with the souls who composed the music. It’s a form of creative expression,” while another student said “they lift my spirit and stimulate my mind.”

Our volunteer coordinator, Julie Collinge shared, “Arts matter because they make us look outside ourselves, be more than we ever dreamed we could be and at the same time wrap us in a warm safe cocoon that will always welcome us back no matter what. Without the Arts the world would be duller, drabber and far far less than it is now. With more emphasis on Arts the sky’s the limit (or maybe there is no limit) for all mankind.”

Our faculty and staff members shared the following observations: “they let me be myself,” “it’s my passion,” “they speak to my soul and let my soul connect to others,” “I get to wear a tiara to work!,” “my soul needs to sing,” “it’s a form of self-expression,” “the arts are universal,” and “the ‘earth’ without ART is just ‘eh’.’’

We invite you to let us know why the arts matter to you by posting it on our South Shore Conservatory Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/South-Shore-Conservatory-109478026115/.

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