Jeannine Brayman: SSC’s Volunteer of the Year

Volunteer of the Year 2015

from Beth MacLeod Largent, SSC Director of Performance
There is magic everywhere this month. No matter where you look there are glowing lights, scrumptious treats and children’s faces alight with joy. It’s a time of gratefulness, friendship, love and awe. But, as we adults know, behind every festive occasion, every holiday light, every amazing event, there are those hard-working, under-the-radar helpers who give and give and give to make the wonder happen. Without these “elves,” the sparkle is just a bit…um…duller.

Here at South Shore Conservatory (SSC), I’m blessed to work with a special branch of the elf family all year long: our volunteer corps. As a non-profit institution we live and thrive under the fine care of our own personal elves, those hard working, cheerful, ever-smiling folks who love to give and give and give. Just the other day, when we presented our Holiday Music from the Movies concert, more than 200 people showed up for a concert in a hall that holds 120 audience members. Our volunteers got to work scouring the building for every extra chair, bench, or piano stool, and magically transformed our lobby into a huge overflow concert hall. Simply said, they saved the day!

We find that every year there’s one cheerful elf we just have to acknowledge with a special volunteering award. This year, Jeannine Brayman was honored at our Annual Meeting as SSC’s Volunteer of the Year. This former middle school principal, currently an adult student at SSC, embodies the spirit of joyful giving. In the past couple of years she has donated intricate handmade music-themed quilts for our Chase Away the Winter Blues fundraiser, collected tickets and greeted young guests at our Wacky Wednesday summer concerts, and poured hundreds of servings of chocolate milk into wee Dixie cups for our youngest audience members. In the summer, after a long morning of volunteering at the family concerts, she gladly rushes off to prepare meals for over 50 hungry students and faculty members at SSC’s Duxbury Music Festival. Clearly this goes above and beyond anything we would ever expect from a volunteer, but Jeannine selflessly volunteers to take on the challenge. She sees a need, she tries to fill it. This beloved elf knows the meaning and the joy of giving! Always smiling, always cheerful and always asking to do more, Jeannine exudes the spirit and essence of the giving season all the year around, and we love her for it.

If you have an elf spirit and long to do for others while making new friends and enjoying yourself, feel free to contact me at SSC any point throughout the year. Who knows? Perhaps you will be our newest head elf and Volunteer of the Year 2016. Until then, raise a glass and toast all the elves whose generosity knows no bounds, and in particular to our finest elf of the year, our friend Jeannine Brayman!

To learn more about South Shore Conservatory’s volunteer opportunities, visit or call Beth MacLeod Largent at 781.749.7565, ext. 20.

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