‘Twas the Month After Christmas

JRP Faculty



SSC’s JRP faculty offers new adult programs this semester.

By Su D’Ambrosio
‘Twas the month after Christmas and fall sports were done,
everyone’s bored and longing for fun.
I look at the schedule to see if there’s time,
to add in some things that will strengthen our minds.

I want to find something exciting and new,
a class about something we all love to do,
something to help us all open our minds,
activities certain to help us unwind.

In school my kids focus on reading and math,
they need time to follow a creative path.
For me, I am looking for new friends and fun,
now that a shiny new year has begun.

The arts! That’s it! The arts will provide
a chance to spread all our creative wings wide.
The arts feed our souls like nothing on earth,
and all of us have them within us since birth.

But where can I turn to find such a thing?
A place where we all can let our hearts sing?
Classes that help us to learn and explore
a side of ourselves hardly noticed before?

Then what to my wondering eyes should appear,
but a newspaper article written with care,
That told me of options in music and dance,
drama and concerts – so now I can plan!

SSC is a place where performing arts thrive
and it’s on the South Shore – not too far to drive!
They provide us all access to arts education,
among the top schools of its kind in the nation!

My daughter loves singing: Pure Treble for her,
Stage Club is what my teen son would prefer.
I think that Rock Band will help me to bring out
the rock star inside me that’s longing to shout!

We will gain confidence and self-esteem,
while we are learning and living our dream
For all of us have a true artist inside,
that yearns to be nurtured and shown off with pride.

You too can have fun while you try something new,
to learn more about us here’s what you can do:
Call us or email or visit our site.
Happy New Year to all and to all a good night!

For more information on lessons, classes, creative arts therapies and performance at South Shore Conservatory (SSC), please visit http://www.sscmusic.org or call 781-749-7565 ext.10.
Su D’Ambrosio is Director of Programs and Curriculum for South Shore Conservatory. She lives in Plymouth with her daughters Maria and Rosa, and her dog Bernie who is starting his own doggie dance class, Hip Hop for Hounds, featuring the music of Snoopy Dogg.


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