Fall is the New Spring!


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Try out a new instrument at Sunday’s     Explore the Arts Open House

By Su D’Ambrosio
When you think of fall, I imagine some people think of trees bursting into brilliant flames of color before shedding their leaves at the end of the season, as vibrant summer gardens and beautiful green lawns wilt and die in order to regenerate.  Fall is an ending that leads us to a quiet winter and the anticipation of new beginnings in the spring.

When I think if fall, I think only of beginnings. The beginning of a new school year brings the promise of new possibilities, new ideas, and new opportunities to learn and grow in new directions.  Students start the year with new clothes, new books and school supplies, and many will decide to try new things and participate in activities that might plant seeds that grow with them throughout their lives.

I recently performed with an orchestra hired by a woman to play, as her husband conducted, as a birthday gift.  Her husband had studied trumpet when he was young, and played in the school band. This experience planted a seed that grew into a desire to one day lead an orchestra as its conductor.  It took a lifetime, but through this gift her husband was able to realize his lifetime dream.  He took some conducting lessons and prepared for the moment he could stand in front of his orchestra and, with a wave of his arms, elicit beautiful sounds and eloquent music for his family and friends.  Watching this unfold from the clarinet section was like watching a beautiful flower blossom from bud to full bloom.

Hearing the story of how his passion for music started when he first learned trumpet as a child helped me realize the true power of the seeds we plant as arts educators.  It also reminded me that the arts transcend age and ability.  This man was not a “professional” musician yet he was able to conduct a movement of a Beethoven symphony with grace and passion.  What a powerful reminder that the arts live in all of us and all we need to do to find them is look.

At South Shore Conservatory (SSC) we are dedicated to providing access to quality education in the arts for all ages and abilities. At our Explore the Arts open house, on September 11 from 2-4 pm, you can visit either of our campuses to see all the wonderful ways that you can plant the seed of music, dance or drama that will grow with you or your child into the future.  We truly see this as an opportunity to explore and discover something new to try this year.

Su D’Ambrosio is Director of Programs and Curriculum for South Shore Conservatory.  She lives in Plymouth with her daughters Maria and Rosa and her dog Bernie who hopes to realize his puppyhood dream of starring as Sandy in the musical Annie.

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