Satisfy the thespian in your teen!


Do you have a teen thespian or teen comedian in your house? Have them join us at our Hingham campus this weekend (Saturday, October 15) and next weekend (Saturday, October 22) for free trial classes of Saturday Stage Club (ages 12-14) and Teen Improv Comedy (ages 15+).

Saturday Stage Club, which runs 9:30 – 11:30 am,  brings together students who have a passion for the stage. Students work as a team to create a unified idea out of many voices through character deep-dives, improvisation, writing and design.

Teen Improv Comedy, from 12-2 pm, is brand new this year.  We are so excited! It teaches the dynamics of improvisational comedy. Focusing on teamwork, collaboration and the freedom of saying yes, this class helps individuals build new skills through classic improv games, exercises and scene work.  Participants learn how to think on their feet and create rich worlds and characters from nothing at all.  Most of all, participants will have fun learning to trust themselves and their peers as they explore this burgeoning art form.

Full class info is at

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