Advocating for the arts


Here at SSC, we clearly see huge value in the arts.  We watch in amazement as our students – all ages and all abilities – come to life when they participate in music, dance and drama.  We marvel at the unique ways they tell their individual stories, using the arts as their paintbrush. We are working hard to make sure everyone continues has this opportunity.

On Arts Matter Day, Friday, October 28, South Shore Conservatory, along with hundreds of other Massachusetts creative community organizations, celebrates the arts and culture online, advocating for our legislators to recognize the value of the arts and support the arts in their communities. Not only are the arts are an integral part of what makes us human; they help define our humanity and provide a structure for understanding, they drive the economy, enhance education, build community and embrace diversity and inclusion.

So, check out South Shore Conservatory on Facebook and Twitter as the SSC community (students, faculty, staff) tells the world why the arts matter to them.  Or, stop by one of our campuses and share why the arts matter to you!



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