In Matters of Love

allison-lynchBy Allyson Lynch
In just a few days, the diversely-talented voice faculty of South Shore Conservatory (SSC) takes the stage for a Valentine-themed concert called In Matters of Love. I am very excited to be singing in this performance because I am the newest addition to SSC’s voice faculty. This is the first time I will have the opportunity to perform alongside my new colleagues.

In July 2016 I began teaching voice at SSC. I started teaching just a few private students, then added Summer Vocal Institute teaching, and this fall took on some group voice classes. It’s hard to believe that since this summer I have taught close to 40 voice students!  What an honor it’s been to join this amazing faculty, because I was once a student at South Shore Conservatory myself. This is the place I studied and learned so much about music and my voice, and where I continued to develop my love for singing as a teenager. It has been incredible to work alongside this faculty, whom I have always looked up to.  It feels as though I have come full circle.

When asked what kind of music I love, the answer was simple. I have loved musical theater my entire life. The upbeat dance numbers, the emotionally-charged ballads, and the beautiful love duets engage the listener in such a true and meaningful way. Some of my favorite composers in this genre include classics such as Rodgers and Hammerstein, Bock and Harnick, and Sondheim as well as more contemporary writers such as Alan Menken, Jason Robert Brown and Lin-Manuel Miranda.

In my last year as an SSC student, I started singing classical music, and went on to study it in college at The Hartt School. I quickly developed a love for opera, which is really the original, more dramatic version of musical theater! Some of my favorite classical composers to listen to (and to sing) are Puccini, Faure, and Richard Strauss.

In matters of love within my own life, music has always played an important role. I am a newlywed and met my husband David when we were both freshmen at Hartt. He was a fellow voice performance major and an immensely talented tenor. Needless to say, I heard him sing and was hooked from the start! We love singing together – at our church job, along to the radio, in recitals. Any opportunity to sing with each other, we will take it. We got married this past October, and music played very prominent role in our beautiful outdoor ceremony. We had friends sing us down the aisle, along with an incredible acoustic guitar player, and we quoted from love songs that have special meaning to us.

The text of the song I am singing for In Matters of Love was actually read during our wedding ceremony.  It’s one of my favorite poems by E.E. Cummings called I Carry Your Heart.  The beautiful melody was written by John Duke, and the song is very special.  Music is and always will be a huge part of our life as a couple.  I hope you’ll come and hear this heartfelt tribute to all things love-related.

South Shore Conservatory’s Conservatory Concert Series (CCS) presents In Matters of Love on Sunday, February 11, 4 pm at SSC’s Duxbury campus at 64 St. George Street.  Admission to the concert is free, and audience members are invited to join the performers for a reception following the performance.  For more information, visit

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