SVI Conversation Series: Part 1

Brooke is a 14 year old singer from Cohasset. Julia is a 14 year old singer from Kingston.

We’ve started an interview series with the Canto singers at Summer Vocal Institute here at SSC! Today, we asked Julia and Brooke some questions about their experience at the camp and their passion for music.

What has been your favorite part of SVI so far?

Brooke: What I love that we do in the mornings is some movement exercises to energize us, and I love hearing advice when we do solo songs so I can improve.

Julia: I love meeting other kids who love music and singing as much as I do.

What are you looking forward to in the days to come? 

Brooke: I’m looking forward to our final performance and seeing how it goes.

Julia: I’m looking forward to learning new skills from my amazing teachers and the solo concert next Thursday night.

What is something you love about music?

Brooke: I love that when you sing high notes, they float.

Describe how you feel about music in one word.

Julia: Awesome, both in the 21st century sense and in the 17th century sense!

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