Why Music Together?


By Jana Kahn

Many parents and caregivers at South Shore Conservatory (SSC) feel that Music Together® class is the highlight of their week. I know it was for me when my kids were small. It’s quality time with your child, a chance to let go, sing and dance in a community of people that enjoy music and consider music to be a family value. And each new session introduces new songs to add to your family’s repertoire.
So here we go – here are my top ten reasons to come to Music Together class this fall!
1. Quality Bonding Time without distraction of phones, computers, errands and housework. It’s an opportunity to just have fun together.
2. The Music is Enjoyable with songs you will want to listen to and sing along with. And every ten weeks you go home with a new songbook and collection of songs.
3. I Can Sing the melodies which are simple and within a singable range. You don’t have to be Julie Andrews or Mariah Carey to sing along.
4. Participate at Your Own Speed. If your child is more of an observer, then sit and observe. There’s no judging. It’s all about enjoying the class, however that best suits you. Just have fun!
5. Dance and Be Silly without a care in the world for an hour of fun. We could all use more time like that.
6. Meet More Parents and make friends with people who share a love of music.
7. Get a Peek at what’s ahead for your child. Since classes are mixed ages you get to see what your child will be doing in a few months or a few years.
8. Lift Your Spirits; even after a sleepless night or dealing with a meltdown, the upbeat music makes us feel present and grounded again.
9. Learn to Juggle by hanging out with rock-star moms and dads that have two or more kids, and watch how they deal with giving each child attention.
10. Enjoy an awesome learning environment where younger children are learning from the older ones, while you learn about music development and your child, all while having a great time!
Music is truly a universal language that has the power to bring families and communities together in harmony. In fact, some children learn how to sing before they learn how to speak. For me, participation in a joyful musical environment with song, dance, and rhythmic activities, brought my family closer. As a new mother, it was helpful to observe children of mixed ages engage at their own level through the power of the arts.
Visit sscmusic.org for a full schedule of fall music, dance and drama programs for children. And please join us on Sunday, September 10, from 2 to 4 pm at our open houses in Hingham and Duxbury, where you can sample classes and find out more information. We look forward to seeing you there.
Fall Music Together classes begin the week of September 11. For more information on South Shore Conservatory’s programs for all ages and abilities, visit sscmusic.org, call 781-749-7565, or find South Shore Conservatory on Facebook.
Jana Kahn is South Shore Conservatory’s Early Childhood Program Coordinator.


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