Sharing the power of music

All Star Band

By Ed Sorrentino
I think back to the day of my first drum lesson, and what a very special time that was for me. My first drum set and the excitement of choosing a color. Then, being in the school band with my new friends. The warm stage lights in front of a huge audience with my family in the front row waiting for Mr. Rogers to signal the start of the song, and of course the white short-sleeved shirt and my father’s long tie I was wearing. These are my first memories of music in my life…how powerful this was.

Recently, Summer Music Festival (SMF), South Shore Conservatory’s instrumental music summer program for woodwind, brass and percussion students entering grade four through post high school, received an anonymous donation/scholarship specifically allocated for young students eligible for SMF’s All- Star Band program for musicians grades four through six. This ensemble provides support to beginning students through many different channels, including a team of first-rate educators, most who have come through the program sometime during the 40-plus year history of the SMF.

The five-day program includes special activities designed to introduce and strengthen music concepts as well as social skills and culminates with a final performance open to the public. Parents are encouraged to contact me at for more information on this scholarship opportunity.

The idea of giving young musicians the chance to experience the same exciting musical journey that I did at an early age, is inspirational.  I am grateful to the donors who have created this opportunity, and hope it will be used to open doors for students who could use a little tuition assistance.

Ed Sorrentino is Summer Music Festival Program Director.

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