South Shore Conservatory unveils plans for Glick Family Center for Creative Arts Therapies

On Friday, June 14, South Shore Conservatory (SSC) revealed plans for the new Glick Family Center for Creative Arts Therapies, due to be built at its 135 Webster Street, Hanover location.  This center is made possible by a major gift from Diane and Gary Glick of Plymouth. President Czerny spoke from the heart on Friday, saying “Diane and Gary have used the phrase ‘Passion Meets Project’ which truly encapsulates their commitment to South Shore Conservatory.  Through their gift, Diane and Gary will support the programs of Creative Arts Therapies, but most excitingly, they will also give CAT a dedicated space which meets the needs of the individuals for whom SSC is an opportunity to learn and grow in their own unique ways.”

Diane Glick, Kathy Czerny, Gary Glick.JPG

Diane Glick, Kathy Czerny, Gary Glick

The goal for the opening of the Glick Family Center for Creative Arts Therapies is September of 2020. SSC is tremendously excited to see this project come to fruition. We are grateful to Diane and Gary for their generosity and commitment to making creative arts therapies accessible on the South Shore. Gary Glick, with his family beside him, addressed the audience on Friday, “We are so excited to be part of the future of this amazing work which not only provides access to the arts for all people, regardless of ability, but simultaneously provides the opportunity for people of all abilities to come together in the community of music.  Eve Montague says that ‘music is the great equalizer…and there is no wrong answer.’  This is the legacy that we want to create here on the South Shore – a legacy of equality, inclusion and community.”


For more information on South Shore Conservatory’s Creative Arts Therapies programs, visit


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